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  • Daily Marijuana Use Is Now More Common Than Daily Alcohol Use

    While medication-assisted treatments (MATs) have been the major therapeutic approach for opioid use disorders, alcohol use disorders have gone mostly untreated. Yet alcohol misuse is believed to be responsible for more than 140,000 deaths annually in the United States. In addition, nearly 1 in 6 Americans reportedly binge drink, and binge drinkers may be male […]
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  • Операционный денежный поток формула расчета и понятие

    Приток средств происходит за счет продаж за наличные средства, оказания услуг, комиссионных вознаграждений и т.д. Причинами оттока средств могут являться денежные расчёты по запасам, зарплате, налогам и прочим операционным расходам. В некоторых случаях всему виной инфляция и обесценивание денег. Иными словами, вы не сможете вести бизнес, если не задействуете заёмные средства. Вам не нужно анализировать […]
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  • Brain Sciences Free Full-Text Could Alcohol-Related Cognitive Decline Be the Result of Iron-Induced Neuroinflammation?

    They thought xylazine might somehow increase the opioid tone of the brain through naturally occurring endogenous opioid peptides in the brain, such as endorphins. Or, they thought maybe xylazine is just a dirty drug, one that unintentionally binds to different kinds of brain receptors. In a recent research discovery published in the journal Addiction Neuroscience, […]
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  • Tapering Off Alcohol: Does It Work? Is it Safe?

    However, you may experience withdrawal symptoms or relapse if you’re not tapering correctly and safely. If you’ve been drinking for a long time, you may experience withdrawal symptoms when you quit drinking. Although you can use methods to taper off alcohol at home, the best way to taper is to talk to a doctor. Looking […]
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